Real Estate

They are the largest transactions of many individuals’ lives, so we understand that even a straightforward purchase or sale is, literally, a big deal to you. On the other hand, if you work in real estate and development (or are seeking local representation on behalf of someone who does) we are experienced in working with both residential and commercial developers, including developments involving tax-credit and other government-financed programs.

We’ve represented clients on countless commercial and residential projects, including the rehabbing of two downtown buildings for affordable housing, and on almost all of St. Joe’s senior housing. Clients come to us for advice and representation in matters such as:

  • Purchase or sale of real estate – Whether residential, commercial or agricultural, we assist with drafting contracts, leases, easements and other agreements associated with the use and enjoyment of real property.
  • Tax Increment Financing – Advising and assisting developers looking to capitalize on undeveloped real estate and attract new economic activity.
  • Tax-Deferred 1031 Exchanges – Helping clients navigate the process of acquiring new real estate while deferring capital gains taxes normally incurred in the sale of real property.
  • Tax credit financing – Assisting developers who wish to rehabilitate area buildings into senior or affordable housing developments.
  • Zoning and other municipal compliance issues – Assisting clients in navigating the regulatory framework that affects the use of real estate.